Nasty weather sweeping through parts of Saskatchewan

Click to play video: 'Nasty weather sweeps through parts of Saskatchewan'
Nasty weather sweeps through parts of Saskatchewan
WATCH: Some nasty winter driving conditions across the province meant highway closures and roadside assistance. – Jan 19, 2022

Regina and surrounding areas face continued snow after coping with a winter storm Monday evening that carried into Tuesday morning.

It was a busy day for the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline with multiple highway closures across the province.

“The roads were closed for more than six hours in November and December whereas today they were closed for three and half to four hours early this morning,” said Brayden Park, Saskatchewan Highway Hotline. “Then once the daylight came out it started to get a bit better.”

Between 7 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, CAA Saskatchewan fielded more than 230 calls for service, mostly for winching people who got stuck.

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“We remind everyone when you’re waiting for roadside assistance to make sure you’re indoors and in a warm place and not standing outside,” said Christine Niemczyk , CAA Saskatchewan Director of Communications. “Stay in your vehicle because it does provide temporary shelter until help does arrive.”

CAA wait times ranged from one hour in Regina to four hours in Saskatoon at points. But for rural towns, there was no listed time because of the closed roads such as Highway 1 between Regina and Moose Jaw.

“If they say highway travel is not recommended, we’re still gonna get some motorists who say I have to get home,” said Niemczyk. “But be prepared and understand the risk because you may be calling for roadside assistance but if our team and tow truck drivers are told we can’t go there they cant go there. We are under someone else’s jurisdiction or ruling.”

With another cold snap settling in, CAA Saskatchewan has a simple rule of thumb.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re going around the block or to Balgonie,” she said. “Just think if you’re stranded do you have everything in your vehicle that would keep yourself and/or your passengers safe.”

Environment Canada is saying there is a 60 per cent chance of snow on Tuesday evening. The cold air will remain in place through to Wednesday before warmer air returns on Thursday.

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Check alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada and the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline for updates on current road conditions.

Click to play video: 'City crews working tirelessly to clear roads'
City crews working tirelessly to clear roads


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