5 songs you must hear this week: 29 November 2021

If you think the only songs worth listening to right now are holiday tracks and the Adele album, think again. Check out what else needs to be heard.

1. Kasabian, ALYGATYR
Single (Sony)
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This British band has been through a lot over the last while. Singer Tom Meighan left the group by mutual consent after admitting to a domestic abuse charge in court. Stepping up to full-time lead vocals is Sergrio Pizzorno, who has been with the band since their inception in 1997. Touring guitarist Tim Carter is now a full-fledged member of the group. And if that weren’t enough, Robert Harvey of The Music has also joined up as a multi-instrumentalist. This is the first song from the new-look Kasabian.

2. BoyWithUke, Toxic
Single (Universal)
RIYL: Mystery

Who’s BoyWithUke? No one seems to know other than he seems to really love the ukulele and produces everything himself on GarageBand, an amazing thing considering that this isn’t the most powerful music-creation program. Pictures have appeared, but no one has seen his face. Nevertheless, he’s managed to get millions of streams for his song. A mystery!

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3. Lo Moon, Dream Never Dies
Single (Thirty Tigers)
RIYL: Refreshed Britpop with a California twist

Lo Moon has been around for a while but various issues with their former record label compounded by the pandemic have kept them out of sight for almost four years. Although they’re from LA, there’s a real Britpop vibe to their sound. Anyone else hear elements of Talk Talk here? (Oh, dear. I’m dating myself.)

4. Mystery Rose, Lovebirds on the Weekend
Socially Distant (Independent)
RIYL: Pop-punk current moment

It appears that pop-punk is having another moment. With Avril Lavigne back in the game and artists like Willow making inroads, it could be that we’re heading back to a time when bands like blink-182 ruled the planet. Mystery Rose is an 18-year-old LA singer-songwriter who has been releasing music for at least two years. Is this what Gen Zers are going to be into in the coming months? I’d be okay with that.

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5. The Velveteers, Father of Lies
Nightmare Daydreams (Easy Eye Sound/UMG)
RIYL: The idea of a female Jack White.

Here’s a trio out of Colorado produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. The group has been together for about a decade and has evolved a bluesy, glam-y, psych-y sound. And get this: the line-up features one guitarist/vocalist and two drummers. I’ve never seen that kind of set-up before. And singer/guitarist Demi Demitrio is a star. Keep an eye on these people.

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