Quebec municipal election results: Laval

Quebec municipal election results: Laval - image

Stéphane Boyer won against seven other candidates running for the mayoral position in Laval.

Boyer replaced Marc Demers as the leader of Mouvement Lavallois in April, and now as Mayor of Laval. Demers had been running the city since 2013.

Boyer received 36,638 votes gaining 42 per cent of support.

Michel Trottier from Parti Laval and Sophie Trottier from Action Laval followed him by collecting 25 per cent and 24 per cent respectively. Michel Poissant from Laval Citoyens came fourth with five per cent of the votes

In Saint-François, Isabelle Piché from Action Laval is the new district councillor with 41 per cent of the votes.

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Piché replaces Mouvement Lavallois’ incumbent councillor Éric Morasse who earned 28 per cent of the voter.

On their side, Mouvement Lavallois gained Laval-des-Rapides with candidate Alexandre Warnet, replacing Isabella Tassoni from Action Laval.

Candidate Christine Poirier from Mouvement Lavallois received the majority in Duvernay-Pont-Viau as she gained 72 per cent of votes.
Mouvement Lavallois won 14 of the 21 municipal districts. Action Laval was successful in five areas while Parti Laval had councillors elected in the Marc-Aurèle-Fortin and Fabreville districts.

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