Heat wave hits most of B.C.: Agassiz breaks 1892 record

Wednesday's hot spots. WMI

Summer definitely isn’t over yet for much of the province.

With fall about a week and a half away, B.C. is seeing record high temperatures with more than 31 records broken across the province.

Meteorologist Kristi Gordon says inland areas of the Lower Mainland and parts of the Fraser Valley saw record highs and were the hot spots of the day.

Agassiz broke a 121 year old record set back in 1892. It reached highs of 32.7 today, with the previous record set at 31.7.

Chilliwack broke its previous record set back in 1923 when it surpassed the high by 4 degrees, reaching temperatures of 33.5.

In Pitt Meadows, the record was broken with a high of 30 degrees.

Squamish reached 33.1 degrees, which is up 1.5 degrees from their previous record.

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Victoria hit 29 degrees, which is up almost 2 degrees from their previous record set on this day.

Here is a look at the high temperatures, provided by Environment Canada:

New daily record high temperatures for September 11
Location                   new record     old record
Abbotsford                 34.2           31.1 (2011)
Agassiz                    34.6           31.7 (1892)
Chilliwack                 33.5           31.5 (2011)
Cloverdale east            33.5           30.5 (2011)
Hope                       34.5           32.8 (1953)
Nanaimo Airport            30.9           29.0 (2011)
Pemberton Airport          33.2           32.1 (2011)
Pitt Meadows               32.3           29.9 (2011)
Port Hardy Airport         23.5           20.6 (1963)
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Powell River Airport       29.8           26.2 (2011)
Squamish                   33.6           31.5 (2011)
Stewart Airport            24.5           21.9 (2011)
Terrace Airport            27.8           25.6 (1960)
Victoria international     30.7           27.2 (1975)
Victoria gonzales          29.8           28.3 (2011)
West Vancouver             30.3           28.2 (2011)
White Rock                 31.0           28.8 (2009)

Humidity was high across the province however. In Abbotsford, for example, the temperature hit 34 degrees, but the humidex read 39 degrees.

There is a strong upper level ridge over all of B.C. right now and the warm air in the Interior is pulling the heat down to the Fraser Valley and out to the coast.

Some parts of the Interior were very warm, but the real heat wave for that area will come on Thursday, while the coastal areas cool off a little.

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Gordon says we can expect hot dry weather through to the end of the week.

Watch her forecast:

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