At a glance: Quebec Charter of Values’ 5 proposals

WATCH: Quebec minister for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship Bernard Drainville details five proposals of the Charter of Values

MONTREAL – The Parti Quebecois has unveiled the details of its controversial Charter of Values.

The government hopes that by providing clear rules for Quebecers, the Charter will help maintain social cohesion, promote harmony, prevent tension and help the integration of newcomers to the province.

“We will be best served by a state that treats everyone the same.”

READ MORE: Parti Quebecois unveils details of Charter of Values

Here’s a quick look at what the government’s five proposals:

1. Amend the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms

2. Establish religious neutrality for government employees

3. Limit the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols by government employees

4. Make it mandatory to have one’s face uncovered when providing or receiving government services

5. Establish an implementation policy for all government organizations

Take a look at a poster produced by the Parti Quebecois to illustrate what would be considered conspicuous religious symbols.

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What conspicuous religious symbols the Quebec government suggests are acceptable and unacceptable for government employees to wear. Global News

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