Bancroft woman charged with drug-impaired driving in Peterborough: police

Peterborough Police Service arrested a Bancroft woman for drug-impaired driving on Sept 29, 2021. Peterborough Police Service

A Bancroft, Ont., woman faces drug-impaired driving and other charges following a traffic stop on Wednesday afternoon.

Around 4 p.m., a witness approached a Peterborough Police Service officer to report a woman who appeared to be “passed out” at the steering wheel of a vehicle in the area of Stewart and Wolfe streets.

Police located the vehicle parked on Stewart Street and saw the woman unconscious in the driver’s seat. It’s alleged the woman woke up, started the vehicle and began to drive away as police approached.

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However, police quickly conducted a traffic stop. Inside the vehicle, they located drug paraphernalia, a “flip-style” knife between the seats and a second knife in the passenger side door.

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“It is believed the driver had consumed methamphetamine and fentanyl prior to operating the vehicle,” said Staff Sgt. Dan Maclean.

Stacey Bowers, 26, of Bancroft, was arrested and charged with impaired driving and two counts of unauthorized possession of a weapon.

Bowers was released and is scheduled to appear in court in Peterborough on Oct. 26, police said Thursday.

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