Man calls New Westminster Police saying he wants to kidnap his neighbour

New Westminster Police say they received a disturbing phone call Sunday morning and are releasing details to try and identify the male caller.

Police say at about 8:17 a.m. a man called the non-emergency telephone number. They were unable to trace the call at the time.

The man told them he wanted to kidnap a woman he knows and hold her against her will.

In the call the man told police the following details:

-He lives in New Westminster on Columbia Street and is 29 years old.

-He wants to be called “Fleece Johnson.”

-The potential victim lives five houses down from him.

-The potential victim is 26 years old and has no children.

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-He claims to have known the potential victim for five years.

-He claims to have met the potential victim in a pub not far from his residence in New Westminster.

The New Westminster Police say if anyone has any information that will lead to the identity of the man to please call the New Westminster Police Department at 604-525-5411, Crimestoppers or email the tip line at

Listen to part of the conversation – it is played three times.

Here is the transcript of the call, provided by New Westminster Police:

MC (Male Caller): I thought you’re gonna give me a local number? Where I could phone.
EC: (E-COMM Operator) Well, well, we’re gonna, we’re gonna try and work on that. But I’m just wondering do you know this lady’s first name?
MC: Yes, I do, but I’m sorry I’m not gonna give you that information.
EC: You don’t wanna give us any information?
MC: No. About, regarding this. You can then trace me.

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Professor of Criminology, Dr. Robert Gordon, said in his opinion, the man’s voice is not that distinctive. “I think you’re probably going to have to luck into somebody who actually knows this individual and who can put a name to the voice, coupled with some of the location information. But other than that, it’s pretty sketchy.”