Kelowna mayor surprised when interviewer removes her top

The mayor of Kelowna, BC, Walter Gray, is interviewed Lori Welbourne. Youtube

KELOWNA, B.C. – The mayor of Kelowna, B.C., found himself put on the spot when a blogger chatting with him about women’s rights removed her top mid-interview.

Walter Gray asked Lori Welbourne what she was doing when she told him to hold the microphone, took off her halter top and asked about his views on women baring their breasts in public.

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Welbourne began by citing the case of a New York City woman who took off her blouse in a restaurant, only to be told by the owner that her actions were against the law, except on the street.

Gray said that if a woman in Kelowna did the same thing, someone would probably phone the police thinking it was illegal, although bylaws against women baring their breasts have been repealed.

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He said while a woman wouldn’t be breaking any laws, just because she can go topless doesn’t mean she should because her actions may be distracting to others.

The interview ended with an exasperated Welbourne telling Gray that she found his earlobes distracting.

The video is getting considerable media attention online.

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