‘Steel studs, roofing, interior doors’: Manitoba Home Builders’ Association on material price increase

The Manitoba Home Builders' Association is seeing a price increase for various materials. Nathalie Sturgeon/Global New Brunswick

Homebuilders have experienced production delays due to a price increase on various building materials, Manitoba Home Builders’ Association president Lanny McInnes told Global News.

“It’s across the board that we are experiencing this and other building materials as well — steel studs, roofing, interior doors. We’re hearing of paint shortages — anything that has resin in it.

“We haven’t qualified this quite yet or quantified it quite yet but we are hearing ranges between 30 to 40 per cent in terms of overall increase costs just due to material price increases.”

McInnes added that this is a big issue across Canada, not just in Winnipeg, and it is something that will have a lasting impact.

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“This is having an impact, it is causing delays in terms of being able to meet production times and it’s something we are going to be dealing with for the foreseeable future.”

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The Western Retail Lumber Association’s Liz Kovach told Global News if you need lumber, it’ll be a while before you see substantial savings, even though the price has fallen about 40 per cent since its record high back in April.

“At this point in time, we don’t expect we are going to see some of those changes until the fall, simply because of the additional costs that are still associated with transportation the delays, and obviously the lumber purchases that have already been made up to date.”

Kovach adds that treated lumber will be the first to experience lower prices since fewer people are spending time at home thanks to loosened COVID-19-related public health restrictions, however, issues remain with plywood, so that will remain expensive for quite some time.


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