8-foot snake still loose somewhere in Fort Rouge

Click to play video: '8-foot snake still missing in Winnipeg' 8-foot snake still missing in Winnipeg
"It's a public safety issue because we're using so many city resources and the public is concerned." An 8-foot snake is still MIA in Winnipeg as of Monday morning. Animal Services' CEO Leland Gordon talks snake watch 2021 and concerns around owning exotic pets. @wpgpoundpups – Jun 14, 2021

An approximately 8-foot-long snake remains on the loose somewhere in the Fort Rouge area, despite efforts by Winnipeg’s Animal Services to find and capture it.

A Winnipeg Animal Services worker searches for an 8-foot-long snake near Ebby Avenue Sunday. Matt Purchase / Global News

Winnipeg police initially sent out an advisory on Twitter at 7:45 p.m. Saturday, warning that the large white reptile had been spotted in the 600 block of Ebby Avenue.

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The city says Animal Services Officers searched the area multiple times over the weekend, and will continue doing so, but by mid-afternoon Sunday the reptile had managed to evade its pursuers.

Animal Services CEO Leland Gordon told 680 CJOB the search continues for what is likely someone’s lost pet.

“We do have our team out. We’ve gone several times on Saturday, our officers went several times on Sunday, and our animal services officers are going to attend yet again today,” said Gordon.

“So there’s lots of resources involved, and hopefully we’ll find that snake.”

A city spokesperson added it’s not clear from reports what type of snake it is.

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They also didn’t offer any theories as to how it came to be in a mostly residential area not known for producing big snakes.

Gordon said while the animal itself hasn’t turned up yet, the city has heard from area residents — as well as reptile aficionados — expressing their concerns for their own safety as well as the snake’s.

“We actually had a resident call 311 yesterday and won’t leave their house, because they’re so scared that — whatever kind of snake this is — it’s going to be in their yard.

“And we also see people out there who are really concerned about this kind of stuff.”

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Gordon said his department only gets around five calls a year for exotic animals, and said a similar situation happened in Winnipeg a number of years ago with a missing python.

Anyone who spots it is encouraged to stay clear and contact 911.

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