COVID-19: 4 tickets issued for anti-lockdown protest in Peterborough, 1 for large gathering at park

Demonstrators march at a protest against government measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, in Peterborough, Ont., Saturday, April 24, 2021. The Canadian Press file

Police in Peterborough issued five tickets under the Reopening Ontario Act on the weekend.

According to the Peterborough Police Service, four tickets were issued under the Reopening Ontario Act for an anti-lockdown protest held on Saturday, May 8 at Confederation Square. The protests have been held each Saturday.

Police noted an additional ROA charge was issued in connection with the protest held on May 1.

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Police also issued a charge on Saturday at Nicholls Oval park for exceeding provincial limits for gathering for a religious service or outside gathering.

“It’s vital that we take this pandemic seriously and do what is needed – stay home and practice public health guidelines,” police stated Monday. “We thank our members for serving their community and thank the residents for doing what you can, for staying home so we can get through these challenging times together. Please stay home and stay safe.”

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