Sexy Science World ads banned from bus stops

Sexy Science World ads banned from bus stops - image

Two print ads for Science World have been deemed too racy to be shown at bus stops around Vancouver – they are advertising Science World’s exhibit ‘The Science of Sexuality.’

Created by the ad agency, Rethink Communications, there are three print ads and one TV spot.

The two you will not see on bus stops are below in the middle and on the left. The one you will see is on the right:

Science World ads.

Justin Li, the copywriter who came up with the idea, said the ads, in their opinion, are on the milder side of things, considering what is available to children and teens on the Internet with just a few clicks.

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“We’re obviously sensitive to the fact that Science World is a place you want to bring your families,” he said, and respects the Pattison Group’s decision to not show the two ads at bus stops.

“We totally respect their decision not to run them,” he said. “And the message is still getting out there.”

The ads have been shared around the world after being featured on sites such as Buzzfeed, and Li said they have received calls about their work from as far away as Australia.

“With a sex exhibition it could be easy to go an over-sexualized route,” he said.

The Science of Sexuality exhibit opened on May 18, and president and CEO of Science World Brian Tisdall, said the response has been huge so far.

“The ads speak for themselves,” he said.

He said sharing the ads on social media, that are not allowed on the bus stops, is an effective way to reach a youth audience.

“You always want to be walking that line between bland and outrageous,” said Tisdall. “Our view was that these, all three of these were on the acceptable side of that fine line.” However, he added they are fine with the decision not to have two of the ads on bus stops.

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“Our intention is to inform and educate,” he said. “The most effective way you educate folks is to connect with your own life.”

The Science of Sexuality runs until September 2 at Science World. They are open until 9 p.m. on Thursdays, and on Friday, August 16, they are hosting another ‘Science World After Dark’ for adults only, and wine and beer is also available to purchase.

What do you think of the ads? Let us know in the comments.

Check out the TV spot below:

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