City of London responds to ‘aggressive ticketing’ complaints from downtown business with short-term parking

One of the new “park & pick-up” spots downtown. Supplied by City of London

The City of London is adding several park and pick-up locations in the downtown core after some businesses spoke out about aggressive ticketing in the downtown core.

The new short-term parking spots are intended to give customers and food delivery drivers a place to park while picking up their orders.

“We’ve heard from businesses that they need clear and convenient areas for their customers and delivery services,” said Orest Katolyk, Chief Municipal Law Enforcement Officer.

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“We’ve done our best to fill those requests, balancing the need for safety as well. In identifying these locations, we’ve considered pedestrian safety, transit, emergency services, traffic flow and accessibility.”

The move comes after several businesses spoke out about customers and delivery drivers being targeted with tickets.

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“They are aggressively ticketing everyone downtown in loading zones, staff and guests have commented that within three or four minutes of their time limit expiring they are ticketed,” said Joe Duby, owner of Gnosh Dining.

Duby, whose restaurant is located in downtown London along Dundas Street, said the changes to parking are a good move but he is not confident it will be enough to stop delivery drivers from parking on the sidewalk on Dundas Place.

The map below shows where all of the zones will be.

Map showing new “park & pick-up” parking locations downtown. (note: some locations have multiple spots). Supplied by City of London

“While there aren’t any of the temporary loading zones on Dundas Place I think they put them in the best spots they could,” Duby said.

“I think it’s going to save one of the Uber drivers getting hit by a car, to be honest, it’s going to save injuries and it makes sense for businesses down.”

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Duby said while he thinks some people will use them because none of the zones are on Dundas Place, he does not know how many delivery drivers will want to walk several minutes to pick up their order.

The City has said cars that are parked in a way that impedes traffic or poses safety risks will still be ticketed, adding Parking Services officers will use their discretion to determine whether enforcement is required in other cases.

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