Mixed reaction on news of arrests in Rehtaeh Parsons investigation

Mixed reaction on news of arrests in Rehtaeh Parsons investigation - image

COLE HARBOUR – Residents in Cole Harbour had mixed feelings to news that two arrests had been made in connection the Rehtaeh Parsons’ investigation.

Parsons went to Cole Harbour High School, where pictures of her alleged sexual assault circulated. The 17-year-old took her own life after an alleged sexual assault led to extensive cyberbullying.

Douglas McDow believes the RCMP should have acted faster.

“I think they dropped the ball on the first investigation. I guess if there was something there, they should have found it the first time,” he said.

“It shouldn’t have come to [this to] find it the second time.”
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However, other residents felt more encouraged by the news, saying they are glad the justice will be served.

“I hope they will find justice,” said Nyla Ipson.

“It’s reassuring to see the wheels of justice do in fact turn in this province,” said Paul Traversy. “We will wait and see what the outcome is. I’m glad to see something is happening.”

Several residents say they are relieved to hear news of the arrests.

“I don’t think it’s ever too late,” said Nicole Brown. “I think it’s time and I think that poor family needs this.”

“Better late than never,” said Shirley Taylor.

“It takes time for wheels to get rolling so to speak and finally something is happening. It’s good to see that,” said Dirk Peetoom.

However, one resident summed up the situation, saying it’s unfortunate Parsons did not live to see this outcome.

“I think for Rehtaeh it’s sad that it’s after the fact that it’s all happening,” said Jeannie Warnell.

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