Vancouver woman startled after discovering intruder hiding in storage room

A Vancouver man and his girlfriend are shaken and missing a few expensive pieces of jewelry after a burglar climbed into their second-floor downtown apartment.

David Brown and his girlfriend were at home this morning at the O2 building in the 1700-block of Davie Street near English Bay.

Shortly after waking up, David realized he couldn’t find his watch and ring that he had left on the coffee table last night.

Thinking he just misplaced the jewelry, he went across the street to get coffee.

Rose began searching through the apartment for the missing watch and ring.

When she opened the door to the storage room, she spotted a pair of feet hiding behind the door. That’s when she heard a man say “shhhh.”

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Rose ran from the apartment and into the street, screaming for help. David ran over from the coffee shop but the intruder was already gone.

He is described as a dark-skinned man in a baseball hat.

It’s believed he climbed onto the glass awning on the front of the building and into to the couple’s second floor suite.

David says he often keeps his patio door open in order for his dogs to go outside onto the deck.

“I am shocked that someone would try and do this, on such a busy street,” he says.

“We are definitely going to lock the patio door from now on,” says David.

As for his dogs, “they are fired from security duty.”

Vancouver Police say residential break-ins are down two per cent this year. They are reminding people not to leave patio doors and windows open, even if you are on a high floor.

If you have any information on the break-and-enter, call Vancouver Police.

The watch stolen in this morning’s break-in.
The watch stolen in this morning’s break-in.