Vessel operating restriction in effect for Slocan River as clean-up continues

Dead juvenile fish and contaminated water are shown in the Slocan River following a fuel spill upstream. YouTube

A vessel operating restriction has been issued for the Slocan River as crews work to clean-up last week’s jet fuel spill.

Mounties and Transport Canada announced the restriction, which spans from Lemon Creek to the Kootenay River, Friday.

Officials say the restriction is in place to protect workers who are cleaning the river and to stop boaters from becoming tangled in the booms being used to trap the fuel.

The restrictions will be lifted once the clean-up is completed.

All vessels, including kayaks and canoes, must abide by the following restrictions in accordance with the Vessel Operations Restriction Regulations:

  • A person who operates a vessel shall do so in a safe manner and shall take into account any circumstances that could pose a danger to the vessel or to other vessels;
  • A person who operates a vessel shall avoid endangering the safety of persons involved in any activity in any waters
  • In order to ensure the safety of persons during a sporting, recreational or public event or activity for which a permit has been issued, a person who operates a vessel shall do so in a manner that does not interfere with the event or activity

A week ago, a state of emergency was declared and a mandatory evacuation order was in effect for thousands of residents after an Executive Flight Centre tanker carrying 35,000 litres of jet fuel went off the road and crashed into Lemon Creek, spilling fuel into the river that is connected to several waterways in the area.

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