More than 10,000 coffees have been bought for others

More than 10,000 coffees have been bought for others - image

EDMONTON – The Canadian coffee chain that has been the scene of multiple acts of kindness across the country says more than 10,000 cups of coffee have been bought by Good Samaritans for others so far.

In mid July, an anonymous customer walked into a Tim Hortons restaurant in Edmonton and bought 500 large coffees for the next 500 people, and paid just under $900 for the order.

Since then, the good deed has spread across the country. The next day, the same purchase was made in Calgary, then Ottawa, Red Deer, and two separate incidents at an Edmonton hospital. On day four, an anonymous do-gooder bought 500 coffees in Chestermere, and the same thing happened in Calgary, London, Kingston, Ottawa, Oakville, Hawksbury, Ancaster, Peace River, Coquitlam, Edmonton, at three locations in Saskatoon, Hinton, and Yellowknife.

On day five, St. John’s joined the trend, and three separate incidents were reported in High River.

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Ancaster saw another purchase on day six, and Toronto followed suit on day seven.

Tim Hortons says the most common purchase is for 500 cups of coffee, however, donations have ranged from 100 to 2,300 cups.

The company says – as of the end of July – there have been roughly 28 different random acts of kindness at Tim Hortons locations across the county.

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