Hamilton man facing charges after allegedly wielding gun during dispute: police

Police say a man is facing multiple charges following a dispute near Green and North Service roads on Aug 31, 2020. Don Mitchell / Global News

A man is facing multiple charges after allegedly brandishing a firearm prior to an altercation in Hamilton’s east end on Monday morning, according to police.

Investigators say officers were called just after midnight to Green and North Service roads after a tip about a man banging on a door at a residence in the area.

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Police say they encountered two men in front of the home with one holding a firearm. After a discussion with officers, the resident returned the gun to his home.

Detectives say attempts were made to peacefully resolve an argument however the resident had to be “subdued” by a stun gun after he attempted to start a physical altercation.

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Police say a 30-year-old Hamilton resident is facing 10 firearms-related charges.


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