New Brunswick election: Carleton-Victoria

PC Margaret Johnson takes Carleton-Victoria seat from Liberals in the 2020 election.

Riding background

The electoral district includes the northern parts of Carleton County and the southern and eastern portions of Victoria County.


Liberal: Andrew Harvey (incumbent)

Progressive Conservative: Margaret Johnson

NDP:  Meriet Gray Miller

Green: Rowan Patrick Miller

People’s Alliance: Terry Sisson

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Liberal incumbent Andrew Harvey won with 40.9 per cent of the vote, followed by PC candidate Margaret C. Johnson at 37.7 per cent of the vote.


2014 was the first time that Carleton-Victoria was contested, having been created in 2013, combining parts of the former Carleton and Victoria-Tobique electoral districts.

Liberal candidate Andrew Harvey defeated a field that included independent Terry Ritchie, the mayor of Perth-Andover, who sparked controversy after allegedly confronting a local businessman and ignoring the direction of council.

Harvey earned 40.8 per cent of the vote while his closest challenger, PC candidate Colin Lockhart won 39.8 per cent of the vote.


The Carleton and Victoria-Tobique ridings had previously voted PC in the 2010 election but were split between Liberals and PCs before that.