Toronto cop bakes cookies in hot car

TORONTO – Southern Ontario’s heat wave has many people thinking of various ways to cool down but one Toronto cop put the scorching temperatures to good use instead.

Toronto Police Service Detective Jeff Bangild took to Twitter on Wednesday to document a rather unusual experiment of baking cookies in his steaming hot car.

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Using the hashtag #cookiecar, Bangild began the test by leaving a tray of uncooked cookie dough in his car before work and provided updates throughout the day.

“The interior of the #cookiecar is current 27 degrees and the sun is barely up,” Bangild tweeted at 6:30 a.m.

By 5:23 p.m, the fruits of his labour had blossomed into scrumptious goodness.

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“Ahhh. The smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Temperature still too high to get a reading inside of the #cookiecar,” he tweeted.

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You can review the entire #cookiecar experience below:

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