MSVU launches ‘vital’ first online queer studies course

Brenda Hattie-Longmire will be teaching what may be Canada's first online course on queer or LGBTQIA++ studies, at Mount Saint Vincent University. Mount Saint Vincent University website

Many Canadian universities offer courses in gender studies, but Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) may become the first to offer online courses specifically in queer studies.

The lead developer of the intro to queer studies course, Brenda Hattie-Longmire, says offering a course of this type is “vital.”

“It’s important to analyze and understand the ways in which sexuality and gender are socially constructed, and the way they function in relation to human history and cross-culturally,” Hattie-Longmire said in a news release.

“It’s also important to explore the work of those who have resisted, rejected, and worked to reform institutionalized heterosexuality.”

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MSVU says the course is believed to be the first of its kind in Canada.

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Hattie-Longmire, who will be teaching the course, says it is important to offer this content online, so people who have a family or live and work in rural communities can access it.

As of Monday, only three spots remain available in the course, according to the MSVU website.

The website also says the course will focus on the Canadian context of sexuality and gender as a social construct.

Hattie-Longmire said she is particularly excited to teach queer spirituality in her course.

“I’m stoked about the whole course, but the connections between spirituality and drag have been very intriguing to dig into.”

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