Some residents of Birch Hills County told to prepare for possible evacuation due to flooding

Alberta Emergency Alert logo.
Alberta Emergency Alert logo. Credit: Alberta Emergency Alert

Some residents of Birch Hills County in northern Alberta have been told to prepare for possible evacuation as water levels in the Smoky River continue to rise.

An Alberta Emergency Alert was issued for the region on Thursday evening, advising people that the river at Watino was expected to peak late July 3 into the morning of July 4.

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“Leave the area if it is safe to do so,” the emergency alert read.

“Move to high ground. Avoid rivers, valleys and low-lying areas. Take all necessary precautions.”

Residents are also advised to follow any instructions that come from local authorities.

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Earlier this week, rainfall warnings and flood watches were put in effect for a large portion of central and northern Alberta, with as much as 100 millimetres of rain expected in some areas.

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As a result, several rivers, including the Athabasca, were expected to reach potentially dangerous levels.