COVID-19 creates new job opportunities for Regina’s Street Culture initiative

COVID-19 creates new job opportunities for Regina’s Street Culture initiative
WATCH: A Regina initiative that helps employ disadvantaged young adults is creating new work out of the pandemic. Allison Bamford has more on the Street Culture Project.

Like most businesses, Regina’s Street Culture Project had to get creative as it adjusted to COVID-19 restrictions.

Its Workplace Help and Mentoring Program (WHAM), which helps disadvantaged young adults gain work experience while earning a paycheck, briefly shut down during the pandemic.

“There were a lot of things we didn’t know health-wise and what was going to be safe, so we were shut down for a small period of time,” said Braden McKay, Street Culture director of strategy.

“We adapted the program and we’re able to do a lot of jobs.”

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Besides jobs in construction, yard care and property management, the pandemic opened the door for fogging and disinfecting.

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ReThink BioClean, a Regina disinfecting service, offered to train WHAM participants in the fogging industry after Street Culture used the company to clean its shelters.

“We’ve been training folks and doing demos for the last month and now we’re kind of in full launch,” McKay said.

As businesses prepare to reopen during the pandemic, McKay said there’s been a high demand for disinfectant fogging within the service industry.

“As local businesses are opening up again, they want to feel safe and they want their customers to be safe,” McKay said.

“If we’re able to come in and disinfect the space that’s a huge benefit for everybody.”

The fogging solution contains Vital Oxide—a non-bleach, hospital-grade disinfectant approved by Health Canada.

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