Alberta introduces vaping legislation to ban minors from buying e-cigarettes, flavours still allowed

Alberta not banning flavoured vapes as part of tobacco act changes
WATCH ABOVE: Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro answers questions about why a ban on flavoured vaping products was not included in Tuesday's announcement on amendments to the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act, saying it may be decided on "down the road."

Alberta has introduced new legislation on vaping that would include a ban on anyone under 18 from using e-cigarettes.

Health Minister Tyler Shandro says there is mounting evidence on the health risks of vaping and statistics show more young people in Alberta are indulging.

“Strong action needs to be taken to address significant increases in youth vaping,” Shandro said Tuesday prior to introducing Bill 19, the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Amendment Act, in the house.

Alberta aims to bring vaping rules in line with tobacco laws
Alberta aims to bring vaping rules in line with tobacco laws

Shandro’s ministry says that in the last five years, vaping rates among high school students has risen to 30 per cent from eight. It also says evidence continues to show health risks, including lung damage and nicotine poisoning.

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Alberta is the only province without vaping legislation.

“No one fully knows yet all the health harms from vaping, but the recent emergence of vaping-associated lung illnesses and deaths is a warning,” said Shandro.

“Vaping is not a harmless behaviour without short- or long-term consequences.”

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If the bill passes, there would be restrictions — matching those in place for traditional tobacco products — on displaying and promoting vaping products in stores. Specialty vape stores would be exempt.

The province said it does not intend to ban or restrict flavours for e-cigarettes, but the bill proposes cabinet be allowed to make such restrictions once the law is passed and proclaimed.

The legislation would also expand the list of places where traditional smoking and vaping would be banned — adding playgrounds, sports fields, skateboard and bicycle parks, and public outdoor pools — to further avoid exposing youth to products and second-hand smoke.

Alberta aims to curb teen vaping with changes to tobacco act: Health minister
Alberta aims to curb teen vaping with changes to tobacco act: Health minister

Vaping would also be banned in places where smoking is already forbidden, such as hospitals, post-secondary schools and stores where pharmacies are located.

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If the bill passes, the new rules are expected to take effect sometime this fall.

The legislation follows a review of vaping that began last year. The government said 250 people were consulted and another 9,500 provided online comments.