Altercation in middle of busy London, Ont., intersection deemed ‘consensual fight’

London police respond after altercation in the middle of a busy intersection
WATCH: A Reddit user uploaded a video Tuesday showing an altercation involving several people at the intersection of Hamilton Road and Adelaide Street.

London, Ont., police say no charges were laid after an altercation in the middle of a busy intersection in broad daylight Tuesday.

According to police spokesperson, Cst. Sandasha Bough, the service was contacted at roughly 7:15 p.m., “in relation to a disturbance in the area of Hamilton Road and Adelaide Street.”

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“Police located all parties involved and all were spoken to,” said Bough.

“After speaking to everyone, it was deemed to be a consensual fight and no charges were laid as a result.”

Video of the incident was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, and shows roughly seven people arguing in the street in two eastbound lanes of Hamilton Road closest to the curb.

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One person then opens a trunk and a man pushes him against the vehicle, before the group moves further onto the roadway towards the westbound lanes and at least two men are knocked to the ground. More yelling ensues before all parties appear to return to their respective vehicles and traffic begins to resume.

Police have not released any additional information, including whether or not any injuries were sustained or what prompted the “consensual fight.”