Water levels peak in Prince Albert

PRINCE ALBERT – While water levels in Prince Albert may have peaked Saturday, fifty homes there continue to be on evacuation alert.

Many residents are prepared to leave their homes should the situation worsen.

One of those is Marilyn Steele, who lives on the North Saskatchewan River with her family, and has been watching water levels rise. She was put on evacuation notice Thursday.

“The fire department came around and put us on alert and took our names to make sure who was in the house and permanent residents so if we’re called, they know exactly who’s coming and going,” she said.

She and her mother Veara Smith say they have an evacuation plan.

“I have a cabin at the lake and I’ll just follow the highway north, that’s all there is to it,” said Smith.

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Patrick Boyle with the Water Security Agency said fifty homes in Prince Albert have been put on evacuation alert.

“The start of the water in Prince Albert has been rising…the most rapid rise occurred yesterday and last night and it should continue to rise slowly–eventually peaking today on Saturday at roughly 3000 cubic metres per second,” he said.

Lyle Karasiuk with Parkland Ambulance is warning people to be very careful…as people continue to stand too close to the river’s edge.

“Falling into the water you may think, oh, ‘I’ve got my life jacket’, oh ‘I’m a good swimmer’ those sorts of things…this is fast. Large volumes of water, and you now endanger those who are tasked with rescuing you.”

Officials are monitoring water released from the Anglin Lake Dam, as well as flows coming in from both Edmonton and Rocky Creek.

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