Fort Saskatchewan couple creates online trivia game during COVID-19 pandemic

Curtis Dominique hosts a Trivia+ game on March 21, 2020. Courtesy: Curtis Dominique

A Fort Saskatchewan duo is creating online trivia nights for you to enjoy at home.

Curtis and Kathryn Dominique’s Trivia+ features the former as a host, guiding players through four rounds of 60 questions in total.

“For about an hour and a half, you can disconnect from reality and just enjoy a game with other people around the world,” Curtis said.

Players have to keep track of their answers at home, but the chatroom is open for some friendly competition. After each round, the answers are given to the audience.

“You mark yourself and then you send us your score,” Kathryn explained. “I monitor the process. So if people have questions, I answer them. I help make the experience better.”

The duo own a digital media company and have been hosting trivia events in and around the Edmonton area at various spaces for about two years.

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“We were planning on doing this huge big push before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Then, everything got cancelled,” Curtis said. “But we liked doing trivia so much we thought we might as well keep doing this.”

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The game officially launched on March 7. Kathryn and Curtis said they had almost 2,000 people playing during the launch. For the most recent trivia game, they snagged 23,000 players.

Most of the players live in Edmonton and the city’s surrounding area, but Curtis said people from across North America have tuned in to Trivia+.

“A lady from Ontario told me [watching the show] was the first time she’s seen her daughter smile in a long time,” Curtis said. “If we can offer a bit of a break from reality, then we are happy to entertain people for that period of time.”

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Though no prizes are being given out at the moment, the game echoes similar aspects of the now shut down mobile game HQ Trivia.

“I think they had 1.3 million when it was most popular, imagine how many more viewers would be playing now if they hadn’t shut down,” Curtis said. “I guess if we can fill that gap and slide in… OK!”

Trivia+ runs every Saturday at 7 p.m. MT on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Mixer.

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