Kingstonians rise to the challenge of Canadian trivia for Canada Day

Click to play video: 'We put Kingstonians to the test with some Canadian trivia' We put Kingstonians to the test with some Canadian trivia
Pic was taken by CKWS at city hall – Jul 1, 2018

To celebrate Canada 151st birthday, we decided to challenge Kingstonians with some trivia about their country.

We wanted to warm up the Kingston community with a fairly easy trivia question to start with, asking Kingstonians if they knew who their first prime minister was.

Everyone spoken to got it correct.

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So we thought we’d step up the game and ask more complicated questions.  Our second question to the community asked who the first female prime minister of Canada was.

Some got it right, while others had it on the tips of their tongues. Some, meanwhile, simply didn’t have an answer.

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Since Kingston has a large military presence, we thought we’d ask what RCMP stands for as our next question.

The community was impressive. Not a single person offered an incorrect answer.

Since most Canadians love their Tim Hortons coffee, we had to ask this next question: where was the first-ever Tim Hortons built?

This was a tough one for Kingstonians.  Only a couple of people had the right answer, and others guessed wither Toronto or another city in southern Ontario.

The answer we were looking for was Hamilton.

Finally, we asked for the national symbol of Canada.  The most common answer received was “maple leaf,” while a couple of people got it right and said it’s the beaver.

Kingstonians, whether correct or incorrect, were great sports.

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