Seth Rogen live-tweets ‘Cats’ while high during coronavirus self-isolation

Seth Rogen attends the 33rd American Cinematheque Award Presentation Honoring Charlize Theron at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 08, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.
Seth Rogen attends the 33rd American Cinematheque Award Presentation Honoring Charlize Theron at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 08, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Amy Sussman/FilmMagic

Seth Rogen decided to spend his time watching Cats during his self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, the Canadian comedian live-tweeted his reactions to the film adaptation of the Broadway play.

New ‘Cats’ trailer released
New ‘Cats’ trailer released

“I’m pretty stoned and watching Cats,” he tweeted. “I’ve never seen the broadway show. It is truly trippy. Am I supposed to know what a Jellicle is? They’ve said it 200,000 times but I don’t know what’s happening haha.”

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Rogen questioned the scale of the movie and how big the cats actually were.

“Also the scale is bizarre. The behind the scenes features, which are amazing, said the set is 2.5 times scale but that would mean cats are like 60 pounds in real life!” he tweeted.

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“These cats are like 2 feet tall in this world. That’s a huge f–king cat,” the Pineapple Express actor tweeted.

He couldn’t get over how some cats were so humanlike.

“Some cats in pants. Some in no pants,” he wrote, adding “Ian Mckellan just straight up has normal fingers.”

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Rogen questioned why Judi Dench‘s character was wearing a fur coat but he did say she looked “the most cuddly.”

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“Judi Dench is in a cat fur coat which I can only assume is socially APPALLING in this world,” Rogen tweeted.

He also added that he couldn’t believe the creators of Cats got the cast to practice licking their hands.

“I have a hard time getting actors to rehearse for like 20 mins. They got these people to train to lick their hands and rub them in their hair for weeks!!!” Rogen tweeted.

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The Superbad actor also had questions about the “milk bar.”

“Is the milk bar for humans??! For cats? is this in Clockwork Orange world? Huh?” he asked.

Rogen was very curious about the cat’s shoes.

“These cats are straight up wearing white chuck taylors!!!” he wrote.

“Did they commission little chucks from the cat shoe maker?” He later added, “Some cats get high heels which is funny to picture in real life” and “‘Yeah I’m a cat but I tap dance so I’m gonna need to commission some tiny tap shoes.'”

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Rogen had more questions which included, “is magic cat a thing?”, “Like why even make these actors show up on set? They’re playing cats.”, and “How many times they say the word “cat” in a this?”

Rogen seemed to be getting confused by the amount of cats being introduced.

““The Theater Cat!” Let’s intro another f–king cat!!!” he tweeted.

Rogen said that “out of respect, I’ll leave Idris [Elba] out of all this.”
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Rogen had enough of Cats and told his followers he was switching to 90 Day Fiancé instead.

“Alright I’m turning this off and watching 90 day fiancé. Good night. Stay clean as f–k,” Rogen concluded.

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