Best friends of 17 years find out they’re actually sisters

Toya Wimberly and Ashley Thomas have been friends for 17 years, and they just found out they're actually biological sisters. Facebook

Every kid’s dream is discovering their best friend is actually their sibling. This came true for two Philadelphia women.

Latoya Wimberly and Ashley Thomas have been friends for 17 years, ever since meeting at Sulzberger Middle School in Philadelphia.

They became inseparable after Thomas started practicing hairstyles on her friend, Latoya. There was no question that the two were basically sisters, save the DNA.

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But 15 years ago, Thomas learned that her dad wasn’t her biological father.

It wasn’t until Kenneth Wimberly, Latoya’s father, was pictured with her at her engagement party on Facebook that the truth started to unfold.

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“Ashley’s late mother’s best friend noticed that my father and Ashley posted photos with me,” Latoya told Global News. “She called Ashley and said, ‘I never knew that Toya’s father was Kenny. Me and your mother hung around Kenny back in the day.'”

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The only way to settle this was with a DNA test. The results came back: Both Ashley, 31, and Toya, 29, turned out to be Wimberly’s daughters.

“I was speechless and in complete shock,” she said. “We always joked that we were sisters or cousins, but never in a million years would we have thought it to be true.

“I always looked up to Ashley as if she was my big sister.”

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As for their father, he’s very excited to find out he has another daughter.

“He has been around Ashley several times and had no idea,” she continued. “He feels really bad but said all he can do now is pick up the pieces and be there from now on.”

The two have since had their own sons, whose fathers happen to be brothers, as well, ABC 7 reports.

“My sister, my friend,” Toya wrote on Facebook. “Things can only get greater from here.”

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