Kingston, Ont. retirees curl to keep themselves active during the winter months

Kingston retires curl to stay active during winter months
WATCH: Kingston retirees get together twice a week to curl and stay active.

As the 2020 Tim Hortons Brier, Canada’s men’s curling championship, gets ever closer, we begin to check out the sport on a local level.

How many knew there’s a league for retirees at the Royal Kingston Curling Club? It’s just one of many examples of “you’re never too old.”

The Murphy’s Retirees Group has been getting together at the Royal K.C.C. for about eight years now. Before that, their home was the Garrison Club at CFB Kingston.

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“We started over there [Garrison] with a dozen fellas and now it’s grown to 20 to 30 fellas on a weekly basis,” said Bob Gilmour, the league’s founder.
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“We do it every Tuesday and Friday.”

Kingston continues to prepare for the 2020 Brier
Kingston continues to prepare for the 2020 Brier

When we think of Bob Gilmour, a member of the Kingston and District Sports Hall of Fame, we think of baseball or even hockey. But Gilmour says he also has a passion for curling.

“It’s a little competitive plus it’s the camaraderie,” Gilmour said. “You see the guys. We kid around — we’re not real serious curlers — but it’s fun and curling is a great sport. It’s a super sport.”

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Paul Spooner was the club’s elder curling statesman at least on the day Global News was there. At 80 years of age, he can’t get enough of this winter activity.

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“It’s nice to slide on the ice,” Spooner said. “It feels really good when you get a good slide when the ice is nice and keen and when you make your shot.

“It’s a real thrill to make your shot.

Rob Chesnick has been a part of the group for over 10 years. He, too, says he enjoys the sport and what it has to offer.

“I like the competitiveness, the fact that you challenge yourself,” he said. “I like meeting with the guys and joking with the fellas. Good group of fellas here.

“It’s just fun for me.”

The Murphy’s Retirees group rocks the rings every Tuesday and Friday during the curling season.

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