‘I’m a little annoyed’: Vandal slashes tires of 25 cars in Maple Ridge neighbourhood

Ridge Meadows RCMP on hunt for tire slashing suspect
Residents of a Maple Ridge neighbourhood woke up deflated and frustrated on Sunday after someone slashed the tires on multiple vehicles, and as Kristen Robinson reports, the suspect was caught on surveillance.

Dozens of neighbours in a quiet Maple Ridge community woke up Sunday morning to find the tires slashed on their vehicles.

Homeowners in the area of 224 Street, Morse Crescent and Abernathy Way say at least one tire was slashed on each vehicle, which sat deflated on the street and in driveways.

Ridge Meadows RCMP says the lone suspect caused damage to 25 vehicles overnight in the neighbourhood. Officers could be seen inspecting vehicles Sunday morning.

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“It’s a bad way to start a Sunday for sure,” Brent Scott said. “It’s senseless, it’s stupid. It’s ridiculous.”

Jason Heinrich, owner of Mudmaster Drywall, said the vandalism on his work van had dashed his Sunday plans, and could make next week difficult for his business.

“I’m a little annoyed,” he said. “What are they thinking? What’s wrong with the person is what I’m trying to figure out.”

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Heinrich says he called ICBC to get a tow to a repair shop but was told it would be three to five days until that could happen.

“What’s up with that,” he said. “What kind of insurance company do we have that they can’t even pick up a vehicle right away to get it fixed?”

ICBC did not comment on those waits but said it would accept vandalism claims from those with optional insurance.


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The suspect, who was caught on surveillance video from multiple homes, is described as a Caucasian man of medium build wearing dark blue or black pants with a grey and white stripe, a dark jacket with a grey hood, a black ball cap, and black shoes with what could be red soles.

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Anyone who was impacted by the vandalism or can identify the suspect is asked to contact Ridge Meadows RCMP.

Dozens of tires slashed in two cities
Dozens of tires slashed in two cities