8-year-old Winnipeg actor puts a scare on in The Grudge

Young Winnipegger plays ghost in new Grudge movie
Eight-year-old Zoe Fish plays a ghost in the newest Grudge movie and joins Global News Morning to share her experience.

Eight-year-old Zoe Fish may not look scary, but the young Winnipeg actor may just have you peeking out between your fingers in her latest role on the big screen.

With a little movie magic — and a lot of make-up — Fish will no doubt scare audiences in the biggest role of her young career — a murderous ghost in the latest adaptation of The Grudge.

“I play Melinda Landers, the little girl who becomes a ghost,” Fish told Global News Morning.

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The movie, described as both a reboot and sidequel of Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu’s 2002 original Ju-On: The Grudge, was shot in and around Winnipeg and parts of Manitoba.

Fish, whose resume includes two other full-features and several Hallmark movies, took a creative approach when auditioning for the role of Melinda.

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Zoe Fish on the set of The Grudge.
Zoe Fish on the set of The Grudge. Submitted

She landed the role by telling a scary story during her try-out.

“I just made it up on the spot and I got it,” she said. “I like scaring people (but) I do not like being scared.”

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Fish, who is already starting another movie shoot next week, said she had a blast shooting The Grudge.

“The cast was so nice, the crew, the director, the producer — they were all so nice,” she said.

The Grudge hit theatres Jan. 3.

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