$5.75M ‘Dr. Phil’ house for sale, includes his son’s giant teddy bears and guns

Click to play video: 'Unusual décor inside ‘Dr. Phil’ mansion listed for sale' Unusual décor inside ‘Dr. Phil’ mansion listed for sale
WATCH: Unusual décor inside 'Dr. Phil' mansion listed for sale – Jan 3, 2020

Whoever buys Dr. Phil‘s newly listed mansion will have to evict his son’s giant teddy bear collection — or find a good psychiatrist after spending a few nights in their presence.

Phil McGraw and his son, musician Jordan McGraw, just listed a Beverly Hills estate for sale through their family trust with an asking price of $5.75 million, according to the real estate listing.

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Jordan McGraw has been living there and is overseeing the sale through the McGraw Family Trust, realtor Hilton & Hyland told CNN. Dr. Phil has never actually lived in the home, a spokesperson for his show added.

The 6,170-square-foot home is filled with off-kilter, pop-culture-inspired decor, including a wall of guns and a wide variety of Batman, Star Wars and teddy bear-related items that sparked mockery on Twitter this week.

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One Twitter user described it as an “Instagram hypebeast mecca.”

“Money can’t buy taste,” added another user. “Yikes.”

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The “private villa oasis” boasts five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen, a pool, an inviting backyard and an interior with some truly “eclectic finishes,” according to the listing on The listing also includes a photo gallery, with the first dozen pictures depicting the exterior of the house.

The McGraw Family Trust’s house is shown in Beverly Hills, Calif., in this real estate listing photo.

However, things start getting weird on the inside. The images show dozens of teddy bear figurines depicted as various pop culture characters, from Batman to Homer Simpson. It’s unclear exactly what they are, but they bear a striking resemblance to designer dolls produced by Bearbrick, a Japanese company.

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Several teddy bear-like versions of pop culture characters are shown in the McGraw Family Trust’s California home.

One photo shows a massive, curving staircase that appears to be overgrown with “vines” arcing up behind a forest-themed bar. The image also shows some other “eclectic” touches with the decor, including a wall full of guns and a teddy bear hanging from an enormous pair of red lips.

A staircase is shown in the McGraw Family Trust’s California villa.

The dining room can be seen on the right, where several rifles and machine guns are on display.

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“The ‘guns’ on display are actually an anti-gun installation where the useless guns are melted,” Jerry J. Sharell, a spokesperson for the Dr. Phil show, told CNN.

The living room is filled with pop culture references and teddy dolls.

The McGraw Family Trust’s living room is shown in this real estate photo.

Another image shows Batman and Joker teddies presiding over a rec room with a pool table in the centre. A Batman cowl can be seen on a display shelf in the background.

A recreation room is shown in this image from a real estate listing.
An entryway is shown in this home owned by the McGraw Family Trust in California.

There are also likely more teddy bears hiding in unphotographed corners of the house, judging from Jordan McGraw’s Twitter account. He’s posted several videos over the last year that show him singing in what appears to be the house with more odd dolls in the background.

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He has been touring as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers in recent months.

The furnishings are definitely eccentric, but the realtor site says they can be removed if the buyer wants to transform the house into his or her “own vision.”


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