Passenger stung by scorpion on United Airlines flight

Woman stung by scorpion on United Airlines flight
Woman stung by scorpion on United Airlines flight

United Airlines confirms a passenger was treated after being stung by a scorpion on a recent flight.

A spokesperson for the airline said in a statement that the incident occurred on a flight from San Francisco to Atlanta.

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The crew aboard “responded immediately” and consulted with a doctor on the ground, and the flight was met with medical personnel upon landing.

The passenger was sent to a local hospital for treatment, the airline said.

“We have been in contact with our customer to ensure her well being,” a spokesperson said.

The airline’s statement did not elaborate on her condition.

Hitchhiking scorpion gives surprise birth
Hitchhiking scorpion gives surprise birth

The incident was first reported Saturday by the website TMZ, which published a photo of a scorpion in a box featuring United Airlines branding.

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Global News has not verified the photo or the U.S. gossip website’s account of what occurred.

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It’s not the only time a scorpion has stowed away on a flight in recent years.

Two years ago, a Calgary man told Global News he had a scorpion encounter of his own on a United flight. He said its sting felt like that of a wasp.

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And in 2011, a passenger flying on Alaska Airlines was stung on a flight from Seattle to Anchorage.

With files from David Lao, Global News