B.C. man selling WWII-era tank-like armoured vehicle on Craigslist for US$75K

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If you happen to be interested in vintage vehicles, you might be intrigued by what Mark Fleming is selling on Craigslist: a Second World War-era armoured vehicle known as a half-track that can be all yours for US$75,000.

With the right permits, it’s perfectly legal to own the eight-tonne armoured personnel vehicle, but you can’t have the machine guns it’s equipped to carry.

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The half-track, which has two front wheels and tracks on the back, is one of several military vehicles in Fleming’s fleet.

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A member of Canada’s Reserve Force, he started buying them out of a lifelong interest in military vehicles then began renting them out to TV and movie productions in Vancouver.

The half-track had a bit part in the man in the Amazon Prime series The Man in the High Castle.

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The vehicle can reach a top speed of about 50 km/h. Its diesel engine gets about two kilometres per litre in mileage.

Fleming says the half-track is perfect for someone looking for a ride that will turn heads in a city known for its robust luxury car market.

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“Vancouver is the kind of place where you can’t just go and buy a car and expect to stand out,” Fleming said. “There are lots of Lamborghinis, lots of Ferraris, lots of McLarens. There is only one of these.

“Nothing impresses the ladies like a big, loud, stinky armoured vehicle.”