Calgary man takes home $65M Lotto MAX grand prize

A Calgary man holds his new found winnings on Thursday after being named the official winner of Octobers LottoMAX jackpot. Josh Ritchie/Global News

One Calgary man has a lot to think about after officially being crowned the lucky winner of the Lotto Max grand prize on Thursday.

Tai Trinh said his day often starts the same way — with a coffee and a new Lotto Max ticket — only this time things were different.

“I just checked the first time, I saw that [I won] and then I double-checked again,” he said. “Then I go to take the pin down, then I put it (the ticket) in my pocket.”
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The ticket was for the Oct. 4 Lotto Max draw.

Trinh said for the first few days after finding out he had won, he didn’t tell anyone so that he had time to figure out what he should do.

Now, with the big secret out, Trinh says he doesn’t have any significant plans for the future and plans to just put the money away and keep living life as is.

Trinh’s big lotto win is the largest in Alberta’s history, and is tied for the largest lotto win in all of Canada.

A $50-million winning lottery ticket still has yet to be claimed in Calgary. That winning ticket was drawn over a month ago.

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