‘I haven’t even used the app since July’: Toronto woman says SkipTheDishes app hacked

Toronto woman says food delivery account was hacked
WATCH: A Toronto woman is sounding the alarm after she says her SkipTheDishes food delivery account was hacked and her payment information was used to order food hundreds of kilometres away. Albert Delitala reports.

A Toronto woman is speaking out after she says her food delivery app was hacked in order to make unwanted transactions.

“What are they doing? What’s going on? I’m not in Quebec. I haven’t even used the app since July,” said Krystal Dindial-Singh, describing her reaction to a surprise notification Monday night from her SkipTheDishes app.

“I opened the order and it said that there was an order being delivered to someone in Quebec,” she said.

Dindial-Singh said she later found three transactions ranging between about $50 and $90.

Her experience is known as “account takeover fraud,” when someone somehow gains access to an account in order to make unauthorized transactions.

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This month, Global News has reported on a number of similar incidents, including to a Kelowna, B.C. woman, Lori Placide, who said she was left with a big tab from orders she didn’t make.

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“Eighteen orders [came] in overnight and [I have] over $800 on my credit card now,” she said.

SkipTheDishes told Global News it is aware of customer reports of fraudsters trying or succeeding to gain access to user accounts. It said it is working to help affected customers.

“The protection of our customers’ personal and financial information is of utmost importance to SkipTheDishes,” the company said in a statement.

“We have multiple security measures in place to safeguard that information, and are continually monitoring our systems to detect and prevent attacks.”

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Dindial-Singh said she has reported the incident to her bank and credit card company.

SkipTheDishes says app not hacked despite fraudulent activity
SkipTheDishes says app not hacked despite fraudulent activity

She said she plans to hold off on ordering food online for now.

“It makes me feel that I shouldn’t save any of my information in any apps at all. It’s making me not trust any company,” she added.