Verdun to adjust new LED street lights after complaints

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According to Verdun residents the installation of a new city wide street lighting system in Verdun has left roads dangerously dark. As Global’s Brayden Jagger Haines explains, residents are concerned about the streets being dimly lit – Oct 30, 2019

Verdun borough officials say they will be adjusting the brightness on the new LED street lamps after receiving several complaints regarding the dim lighting.

The installation of a new city-wide street lighting system in Verdun has left roads dangerously dark, according to residents. They claim the new LED lights are not as bright as their previous counterparts.

“It’s a big concern,” Verdun resident Katheryn Stewart told Global News on Wednesday.

Stewart has changed the route of her daily walk with the dog due to the lack of lighting.

“I walk in the middle of the road sometimes because I feel walking close to the bushes I can’t see what’s behind them,” she said.

One of the darkest streets is De la Poudrière, where a row of new LED streets have been put in place in the last month.

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Verdun borough officials say they are aware of the issue and will respond to the complaints. They claim when the lights are installed by city workers the brightness is set a the factory standard of 70 per cent.

Teams will be dispatched to adjust the lighting before sundown on Wednesday, according to the borough.

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The central city is installing and converting an estimated 132,000 new LED lights throughout the 19 boroughs in Montreal. The new LED lights are energy efficient and consume up to 60 per cent less than the previous model, according to the city.

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The city wide project was started in 2017 and It will take five years to complete at the cost $110 million.

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