Lethbridge MP candidates weigh in on final election campaign week

WATCH ABOVE: With election day looming closer, candidates in Lethbridge are feeling the anticipation build. As Emily Olsen reports, each one is buckling down on their campaign tactics.

With the federal election just days away, candidates in Lethbridge have ramped up their efforts to pull in the remaining votes at Monday’s polls, each hoping their party’s focus will resonate most with local voters.

Lethbridge’s NDP candidate, Shandi Bleiken, said her party’s strong focus on healthcare is something that hits close to home for many.

“It impacts my friends and all ages so profoundly,” said Bleiken.

“It’s just a great connecting point because everyone is struggling with the cost of their prescription medication.”

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However, Amy Bronson, Lethbridge’s Liberal candidate, is pushing for what she calls “real action” on the opioid crisis — something she said isn’t a priority for the incumbent.

“I think that we have had a Member of Parliament that didn’t do enough.”

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“The Liberal Party of Canada is a party that cares about Lethbridge, that is going to work with us.”

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After spending time out in the community door-knocking, Conservative candidate for Lethbridge, Rachael Harder, said she has full faith her party’s platform will benefit the people of Lethbridge.

“When I knock on doors, some of the big things coming up have to do with safety and security… the overall well-being of our economy and getting energy to market,” she said.

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“Those are the big things that are top of mind for people here in Lethbridge and I believe Andrew Scheer has put forward some fantastic policies with regards to those matters.”

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Federal Election 2019: Majority of Canadians surveyed say mostly heard negative news about PM candidates

The Lethbridge riding has historically favoured a Conservative government and with plans to continue door-knocking over the course of the weekend, Harder believes she can once again win the popular vote in the city.

“I have to work hard. I believe that I have to stay humble and I believe that I have to earn every vote.”

“I don’t want to take anything for granted, I just want to make sure I can earn my place in the House of Commons again.”

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However, each local candidate said they’re optimistic about their chances and proud of the work they’ve done.