‘It does affect all of us’: Regina organizations to recognize World Homelessness Day

Organizations in Regina are joining cities across the globe to celebrate World Homelessness Day with events and meals.
Organizations in Regina are joining cities across the globe to celebrate World Homelessness Day with events and meals. File / Global News

There are 286 homeless individuals in Regina at any given time, according to data collected in 2018.

“That’s a real eye-opener and why it’s so important to showcase World Homelessness Day awareness,” said Terin Kennedy, director at End Homelessness Regina.

The day is held annually on Oct. 10 and local organizations in the city are marking it by helping those experiencing homelessness and educating those who aren’t.

United Way Regina is hosting a film screening of Us & Them at Rainbow Cinemas, a film that looks at the lives of four people who struggle with homelessness.

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Those who attend will be able to discuss the film and learn about how to help tackle the ongoing issue plaguing cities across the globe.

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“The movie really showcases that homelessness affects everybody, in all facets of life. Not all homeless people are born into poverty — it does affect all of us,” Kennedy said. “We’re trying our best to get the word out on homelessness. Like the movie’s title Us and Them, the homeless population is very isolated.”

“I’m hoping that we have all walks of life at the screening, so we have that public awareness of what’s going on.”

Carmicheal Outreach is hosting a “to-go style” Thanksgiving dinner which will be handed out from the backdoor of the Heritage Community Association from 12 – 3 p.m.

Their holiday meals usually serve upwards of 400-500 people, according to Carmicheal Outreach.

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Along with its endeavours to spread public awareness on Thursday, End Homelessness Regina is working to abolish homelessness in the city altogether, with a multi-pronged plan that began in June of this year.

“We have a role for everyone,” Kennedy said. “We’re asking the three levels of government to step up and contribute as well as private donors and community members.”

Welcome boxes are part of the plan, and something the public can do to help in the fight. Each box is filled with items to help someone move into a home comfortably and they cost $750 each. Donations go towards the boxes which are filled with things like towels, pots and pans, and bedding.

Kennedy said, in terms of the progress on their plan to end homelessness, they’re in the midst of meetings with the three levels of government, as well as re-working their systems to better organize and position themselves in reaching their goal.

Regina commits $60,000 to Plan to End Homelessness
Regina commits $60,000 to Plan to End Homelessness
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