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Justin Trudeau to appear on Jessi Cruickshank’s show ‘New Mom, Who Dis?’

‘New Mom, Who Dis?’ launches Season 2 with an exclusive interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – Oct 7, 2019

On Monday, Kin Community Canada announced that Season 2 of Jessi Cruickshank’s New Mom, Who Dis? on Facebook Watch will kick off with an exclusive interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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According to Kin Community Canada, nothing is off the table as Cruickshank and Trudeau sit down for a funny and honest discussion about family life, raising kids and the impact his policies have on families and children.

New Mom, Who Dis? captures Trudeau like never seen before — sharing light-hearted family stories but also answering hard-hitting policy questions and taking real questions from real kids,” Kin Community Canada says.

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The premiere episode maintains Cruickshank’s signature tongue-in-cheek approach to parenthood while tackling the powerful questions to which Canadians want answers.

In a teaser clip for Trudeau’s episode, Cruickshank invites five children into the room to ask the prime minister some questions.

“I want you to ask Mr. Prime Minister anything you want, and he has to answer honestly because what kind of a monster lies to a child?” Cruickshank says.

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“Do you live in a mansion?” Grace asks Trudeau.

Trudeau responds: “I live in a big house that is the house that the prime minister gets to live in so yes, it would probably qualify as a mansion.”

“He gets to live there for free,” Cruickshank tells the children.

“Why did you paint your face brown?” a set of twins asks Trudeau.

“It was something I shouldn’t have done because it hurt people. It’s not something you should do, and that is something that I learned. I didn’t know it back then but I know it now and I’m sorry I hurt people,” Trudeau responds.

Trudeau goes on to explain that he had a “good conversation with my kids around taking responsibility for mistakes and making sure that we’re always sticking up for each other.”

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Cruickshank produces and stars in New Mom, Who Dis?, which airs globally on Facebook Watch. Kin Community Canada distributes and provides marketing for the series.

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The show follows Cruickshank, the mother of twin boys, as she explores topics related to parenthood.

Other notable appearances this season are world-famous parenting expert Betsy Brown Braun; Tyler Henry from E!’s Hollywood Medium; the hilarious duo behind Cat and Nat, Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer; and the woman who is credited with inventing the gender reveal party.

Plus, Cruickshank travels to Hollywood to see if her kids have what it takes to be the next Olsen twins.

Season 2 will air globally on Facebook Watch beginning on Oct. 9, with new episodes rolling out weekly.


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