Renovated home unveiled to Lethbridge family

A newly renovated home is unveiled to a Lethbridge family. Emily Olsen/ Global News

After winning a home renovation in July, a Lethbridge family celebrated moving into their newly remodelled home on Wednesday.

Katie Taylor and her family won the BILD Lethbridge Region’s $20,000 home renovation giveaway. The contest was one that BILD Lethbridge executive officer Bridget Mearns said was an ambitious project on a strict timeline.

“We announced the winner in July,” Mearns said. “Then we came in and we took a bunch of measurements, we went through some designs with Katie and then the real work began in September.

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Taylor is a single mom of two boys, one of whom has cerebral palsy. She sent an application to the contest in hopes of making her kitchen more accessible to her son with special needs.

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But what began as a simple kitchen remodel soon turned into a makeover of the entire home.

The new renovations include an updated kitchen, complete with brand new appliances and French doors.

The living room has been repainted and the front yard xeriscaped, much to the surprise and excitement of the homeowner.

“It has been amazing to see all of the people who have come together to help do what they’re good at,” Taylor said.

“It’s so nice to have a kitchen back. You don’t realize how much you need it or appreciate it until you don’t have it.”

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The project began with just five sponsors, but it soon turned into a larger community effort, with 25 BILD members jumping on board to help.

“It’s heartwarming and reflective of how our members approach community,” Mearns said.

“When this contest was first conceived six months ago, our mission was to simply make a difference in someone’s life who could use a hand. I would say mission accomplished and more.”



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