Removal of toppled crane in Halifax to begin Sunday

A toppled building crane is draped over a new construction project in Halifax on Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan

The Nova Scotia government announced Saturday that the removal of the crane that collapsed during hurricane Dorian will begin once final inspections are completed.

The crane collapsed on Sept. 7 on a building on South Park Street in Halifax.

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The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal stated in a media release that the final inspection begins Saturday, with the removal process of the crane to begin on Sunday.

According to the government, the process will begin with strapping down and stabilizing the fallen crane to ensure it does not move during removal operations. Anchoring the crane will begin Sunday. Once the crane is safely secured, work can begin on dismantling the tower.

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With the complexity of the project, estimated timelines and approach will likely be revised as work begins, the government said.

On Sept. 18, the government declared a localized state of emergency at the site where the crane rests.

The localized emergency area is defined as the city block within the boundaries of South Park Street, bordered by Brenton Street, Brenton Place and Spring Garden Road.

The area will remain in a state of emergency for 14 days unless government ends or extends it.

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