Love-struck Texas man finds Toronto woman after viral newspaper ad

Click to play video: 'Love-struck Texas man finds Toronto woman after viral newspaper ad' Love-struck Texas man finds Toronto woman after viral newspaper ad
Arturo Martinez from Texas finds Toronto woman after viral newspaper ad – Sep 12, 2019

It’s the happy ending we all hope for, but don’t always get.

For Brownsville, Texas native Arturo Martinez — that storybook ending came after last week after a woman reached out to him, claiming to be the mysterious person he had met during a vacation to Toronto in mid-July.

“Wow, I am so happy right now,” Martinez told Global News.

“She recently contacted me and provided several clues, so I knew it was her right away. We have now exchanged several emails and things are going well.”

Martinez said he is very grateful for everyone helping to unite the two.

“I would like to thank everyone in Toronto who helped out! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” he said.

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Things didn’t always look this promising in Martinez’s search for the woman who stole his heart.

Martinez made headlines last month when he took out an ad in a Toronto newspaper in search of the woman.

Arturo Martinez poses for a picture at Boldt Castle. The photo was snapped by the woman he met and was searching for. Arturo Martinez‎

It read, “We spoke briefly but I really loved her sense of humour and would really love to talk to her again, but I did not even get her number (or name) because the bus was about to leave us.”


WATCH BELOW: Texas-native Arturo Martinez finally reconnects with the woman of his dreams he was searching for.
Click to play video: 'Texas man finds Toronto woman after viral newspaper ad' Texas man finds Toronto woman after viral newspaper ad
Texas man finds Toronto woman after viral newspaper ad – Sep 12, 2019

The ad eventually went viral.

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The sparks first flew during Martinez’s three-week vacation in Ontario. He took a tour bus to Heart Island on the U.S.-side of the St. Lawrence River, when he and his soon-to-be crush were pulled aside by border security.

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They immediately hit it off and took a tour of the island and Boldt Castle together.

“We explored around together for a while,” Martinez told Global News in August.

“We took a whole bunch of pictures and we just joked around a lot.”

The pair got back on the bus after the tour and even stopped with the group to eat lunch together at a restaurant on the ride back to Toronto.

Martinez said they got lost in conversation and had to sprint back to the bus, which looked like it was about to leave without them.

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When they got back on the bus, they sat separately and he said he never had a chance to speak to her again.

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His ad said, “I thought I would see her again on Centre Island, since we were both going there on Sunday, July 21, but we were probably there at different times.”

“If you are out there, let me know it’s you by telling me the last thing you said before we got on the bus. Hint: it has something to do with the birds.”

Martinez said the woman messaged him last week, answering the hint correctly.

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“It was a very short message just answering the clue,” he said.

“Of course, I responded and this Monday she sent a long message asking me several questions and telling me a little about herself … I don’t know how she found me, but probably the tour company contacted her.”

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Martinez said he’s visiting Toronto again in October when the two plan on meeting up for lunch.

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