Conservative senator takes on Liberal elites and media “lickspittles”

LeBreton says she'll introduce a motion to that effect Tuesday, and hopes to have Liberal support in the upper chamber.

In the Senate yesterday, the leader of the government in the Senate, Conservative Sen. Marjory LeBreton, addressed the so-called scandal plaguing the upper chamber and her party.

It was, in a word, epic.

The Senate is in crisis, LeBreton said. But it’s only because of the Conservatives that we even know about it.

“We moved at the first opportunity to make the Senate more open, accountable and transparent,” said LeBreton.

“It was determined from September 2010 onward, Senators expenses would be publicly reported on a quarterly basis.  Had that not taken place – no one would have been any the wiser.  Things would have carried on in the old Liberal way – nudge, nudge, wink, wink!”

LeBreton then went on to reference the purportedly old Liberal ways – lavish dinner parties, wine cellars, free rides to the airport.

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But the kicker, as it were, was when LeBreton took aim at the media – many of whom were seated in the Senate gallery.

“The reality therefore is that we are facing this crisis because we flung open the door and revealed what was going on and now rather than being credited for doing so, we are paying the price for taking this important and necessary step,” she said.

“But, I am not surprised.  I am a Conservative and I know more than most that around this town populated by Liberal elites and their media lickspittles, tut-tutting about our government and yearning for the good old days that we are never given the benefit of the doubt and are rarely given credit for all the good work that we do.”

After the speech, LeBreton scrummed for the media lickspittles (who, according to Merriam-Webster online, are defined as a “fawning subordinate.”)

No one brought it up.

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