Okanagan Sun eclipsed by Westside Rebels in first loss of season

The Westshore Rebels eclipsed the Okanagan Sun in a battle for first place Saturday night in Kelowna.

The Okanagan Sun were unable to win last night’s contest on stellar defence alone, as the team struggled offensively.

The 2-0 Sun faced the 2-0 Westside Rebels and got off to an unfortunate start when quarterback Alex Douglas threw an interception early in the contest.

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The Sun’s defence shone bright, countering the team’s offensive woes with several interceptions throughout the game.

In Saturday’s low-scoring affair, the Westshore Rebels finished with 16 points, the final six coming from two field goals.

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Okanagan Sun season preview
Okanagan Sun season preview

The Sun fired back with a late touchdown but missed the two-point conversion that followed.

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The loss marks the first of the season for the Okanagan Sun, which now sits at 2-1. The Westside Rebels have improved to a perfect 3-0 on the season.