Historic site reopens to visitors in Banff

BANFF- A popular attraction in Banff National Park is once again open to visitors, following a three-year transformation.

The history of the Cave and Basin dates back over a century, when the cave and thermal springs were discovered.

“In the fall of 1883, three railway workers were prospecting. Instead of finding gold and silver they found warm water,” explains project manager Steve Malins. “In 1883, warm water was as good as gold.”

The site is known to some as the ‘Birthplace of Canada’s National Parks,’ and recently underwent a $13.8 million renovation.

The famous pool is completely enclosed, and the old change rooms have been turned into a hallway of history. Interactive exhibits, a gift shop and café have also been added.

“It’s a place we are celebrating our national heritage and treasures,” says Dave McDonough, superintendent of Banff National Park. “It’s a brand new attraction for Banff, an opportunity for people to come learn about the essence of Canada.”

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The Cave and Basin will now be open year round, and Parks Canada is considering using the pool space to make a skating rink in the winter. They will also be playing outdoor movies throughout the summer.