Report: Wendy Williams Thinks Bow Wow Should ‘Keep His Mouth Shut’ After He Bodyshamed Her

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Bow Wow went after Wendy Williams on Sunday with a body-shaming tweet that did not sit well with many people on social media.

The 32-year-old rapper and actor posted a photo of the newly single daytime TV host, writing, “They say its [sic] a hot girl summer.” He also added several emojis that implied he was disgusted with Williams’ body.

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Bow Wow’s slam comes just days after Williams declared on her TV show that she was mad at Bow Wow because of comments he made about his ex Ciara. While performing his song “Like You” in Atlanta last week, Bow Wow referred to Ciara, who was featured on the 2005 song, saying, “You know I had that b**ch first, right.”

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Williams was upset by that remark and took time to address it on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Wednesday, July 24.

Williams has yet to respond to Bow Wow’s tweet publicly, but reported sources told DailyMail that Williams thinks Bow Wow should “keep his mouth shut.” Social media quickly lit up in response to the rapper’s attack. Many users defended Williams and criticized Bow Wow for body shaming the host.


Singer Ari Lennox was among those going after Bow Wow, writing, “You’re disgusting.”

Another Twitter user commented, “you literally have a daughter… body-shaming ain’t [sic] the move.”

Bow Wow’s tweet also brought additional attention to his remarks about Ciara that set off the feud with Williams in the first place. One person on Twitter wrote, “Wendy was right to get at Bow Wow…what he said about Ciara was out of pocket. She’s married with children. You should not be talking about her like that. Now he turning on Wendy? For what? She was right.”

In response to Bow Wow’s now-deleted body-shaming post, Williams told her show’s audience on Monday, “Please refrain from your body shame.”

Adding, “You don’t have to like it, but someone does.”

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