City of Regina making improvements to Rosemont intersection following safety concerns

WATCH: Some residents are calling for change, saying an intersection in the Rosemont neighbourhood is particularly dangerous and the city says it's making changes. Katelyn Wilson reports.

The city of Regina is installing an all-way stop at the intersection of 7th Avenue and McIntosh Street, something some residents in the area have been lobbying for after raising safety concerns.

Emma Trobiak calls it a miracle that no one was hurt after surveillance video shows a car crashing through her front lawn fence for the second time in less than two years.

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“I’m scared for my family, for my children and we don’t want them to play outside,” Trobiak said. “We were walking out the door within minutes of that happening — our family could have been impacted dearly.”

Living just three houses down from the intersection, Trobiak says the current two-way stop in the Rosemont neighbourhood is to blame. So she started lobbying the city calling for an all-way stop instead.

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“7th Avenue is a drag strip from Lewvan to the school zone at Walker Elementary School, people just speed all the time,” Trobiak said. “We have children in our area, it warrants a crosswalk, it warrants a stop sign — it warrants our children to be safe.”

After an evaluation of the area, the city tells Global News that crews will be installing signage later this year. According to SGI data, from 2016-2018 there have been 18 collisions in the intersection.

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Until the new safety measures are in place, councillor Mike O’Donnell says there will be a discussion with police looking at ways to enhance enforcement.

“The inspector for the area that happens to look after traffic, she and I meet regularly — it’s one of our topics in the next little while,” O’Donnell said.

With the latest crash, Tobiak says she is welcoming the news. Hoping she no longer has to worry about her kids playing outside.

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